The Urban Flooding in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines

Cagayan de Oro City
,The City of Golden Friendship, and its product is good education. But the city is facing a huge problem about urban flooding.

Urban flooding is one of the huge problems here in CDEOC. Many people are throwing wrappers & garbage everywhere, some people don’t know how to segregate their trash and when it rains hard, what happens is the garbages especially plastics are clogged in some drainage around cdeo causing the water to overflow in the drainage resulting of flood.

When it comes to that, many people are trapped within their houses, schools, offices, including malls. Does their city government has their own solution to this problem? But apparently many people nowadays are waking up and now helping to solve this problem, by managing their proper garbage disposal all the time and the local government now has a solution to solve the problem, the underground drainage system project located at Lapasan road to Agora is ongoing and hopefully it will be finish soon and this will be a big help for flood reduction in the city.



Author: yancylagmbayonline

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